The data came from the Institute for Public Policy and Research

AI to have minimal impact on skilled construction and building jobs

Jobs in the construction and building sector are one of the least exposed to AI, according to a report revealed today (27th March) from the Institute for Public Policy Research.

In a large-scale analysis of 22,000 tasks in the UK economy, the institute found that approximately 11% of tasks are currently exposed to generative AI, which could climb fivefold if AI systems become more deeply integrated in organisational processes.

However, the research highlighted that tasks performed by skilled construction and building workers would have no impact from ‘here and now’ generative AI.

‘Here and now’ generative AI means existing systems, such as GPT4, that are already widely available.

In terms of 'integrated AI’ — when generative AI is connected to other software systems, such as databases and the ability to execute tasks — occupations in the construction and building market also saw very little exposure and came at the bottom of a list of 25 occupation types.

While around one-third of administrative occupation jobs could be displaced as a result of generative AI, the construction and building sector saw little exposure.

Consequently, the report found that occupations in this area could see zero productivity gains through automation.

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