Drone retailer launches training programme for construction industry

Drone and unmanned aerial vehicle retailer DronesDirect.co.uk has launched a training course for businesses within the construction industry.

The three-day course in Yorkshire grants drone pilots full Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) accreditation, allowing successful participants to fly drones on site.

Those taking part in the course will be guided through a variety of practical applications for drone technology, including aerial photography, topographical surveys and thermal imaging.

Tim Morley, business unit manager at DronesDirect.co.uk, said: “As with the recreational use of drones, the commercial use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles – in particular within the construction industry – has become more commonplace.

“For safety and legal reasons, it is vital that employees using drones on site are qualified and their use is considered and responsible.

“Compliance with the CAA rules and holding PfCO accreditation is written into UK law and therefore anyone wishing to incorporate a drone and its technologies into their workings on site are required to hold this accreditation.”

Participants will also be trained in areas such as air law and regulations, meteorology and navigation.

The course includes two nights’ accommodation and offers a no-resit fee deal for those who require additional training.

Tim added: “…As an advocate of safe drone usage, providing a course for use in construction projects was a no-brainer and this is an extension of our commitment to the responsible use of drones.”

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