Sajid Javid

Government to invest £866m in local housing projects

The UK government has confirmed a £866m investment in local housing projects to deliver up to 200,000 new homes.


Housing secretary Sajid Javid (pictured above) and chancellor Philip Hammond announced that 133 council-led projects across the country will receive the funding to make more housing developments viable and speed up construction.

The investment will fund key local infrastructure projects, including new roads, cycle paths, flood defences and land remediation work.

Mr Hammond said: “Today marks the first step of the multi-billion-pound investment we announced at the Budget to help build the homes our country needs.

“This fund finances vital infrastructure, such as roads, schools and bridges, which will kick-start housing development in some of Britain’s highest-demand areas.

“This support will help us meet our ambitious plan of building 300,000 new homes each year and ensure we have enough housing in areas which need it most.”

The projects include:

  • £10m for highway infrastructure at the Ashton Green housing site in Leicester to unlock 3,300 homes
  • £10m for the construction of a bypass in Botley, Hampshire, to help deliver 1,000 new homes
  • £3.6m for drainage works, new roads and footpaths at the Manor Cluster, south-east Sheffield, to help unlock more than 400 homes by 2025
  • £6.5m to support the construction of a new primary school as part of the Ilfracombe southern extension in north Devon, to help to provide 750 new homes.

Mr Javid added: “Our priority is building the homes this country desperately needs.

“This first wave of investment totalling £866m will help get up to 200,000 homes off the ground, making a huge difference to communities across the country.

“This is just one of the many ways this government is taking action to get Britain building homes again.”

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