Ali Celiker

British Pearl outlines targets following launch

UK property investment platform British Pearl has recently announced its official launch into the market.

The company – which has received significant investment led by Lord Stanley Fink – aims to give investors the choice of how they invest in the properties they select.

Following its entrance into the sector, Development Finance Today conducted an exclusive interview with Ali Celiker, CEO and co-founder of British Pearl (pictured above).

What are your goals post-launch?

“We have a very simple goal: lots of property investments and lots of customers.

“We would like to scale the business and increase our assets under management into the millions and have tens of thousands of investors (domestic and international).

“Beyond that we aim to offer commercial property later in the year and eventually move into other territories.”

Who are you targeting to use the platform?

“We are targeting individuals who would like to invest in property and those who simply want better risk-adjusted returns on their savings and investments.

“This may be aspirational investors who [do] not have the critical mass of funds or the experience to invest on their own. 

“We are also targeting experienced property investors looking for a hassle-free way to invest, to diversify and to have the ability to lend.”

Why would a broker use British Pearl?

“We work with brokers to find both properties and customers.

“Brokers enjoy working with us because we are clear about our requirements, we move quickly and decisively, we keep them informed during the process and we pay commissions promptly.

“We have the mindset to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and, hopefully, make some friends along the way.

“We also have plans to build a broker portal as part of our software development.”

Why did British Pearl decide to offer equity and lending?

“Post credit crisis, people demand greater transparency and control over their financial investments.

“We provide an alternative to traditional financial services in a world where consumers demand greater transparency and control over their financial future while using the latest technology, which enables people to invest in an asset class they understand in under four minutes.

“Our goal is to provide our investors [with] the ability to build a property investment portfolio that suits their individual needs, so we provide them with the ability to invest not just in a wide range of properties with different risk characteristics, but also the choice of how to invest, either in shares, loans or a combination of the two.

“By enabling investment in this way, investors can fine tune their investments to match their unique risk appetite, thereby enabling us to cater for a much wider investor community.”

While British Pearl is starting with BTL investments and then venturing into development later this year, will the company be looking at other sectors/assets in the future?

“Our immediate goal is to work towards our mission of establishing a liquid platform for property investment and development capital.

“To achieve this, we need to be very focused, acquiring all types of real estate in volume and building our sales channels to increase platform liquidity so we can scale significantly.

“We want to lead the market for software and user experience, so must maintain high levels of investment in our technology and R&D initiative as well as continually listening to our customers’ needs.

“Should we achieve the goals we have set, we will then turn our attention to offering commercial property and expanding into other territories.” 

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