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How much has been invested in Scottish affordable housing supply programme?

The Scottish government invested £1.1bn in the affordable housing supply programme between January 2017 and September 2018.

The Scottish government informed Development Finance Today that it had now delivered more than 78,000 affordable homes since 2007.

In 2016/17 – the first year of the Scottish government’s five-year programme to deliver at least 50,000 affordable homes over the current parliamentary term – more than £505m was invested into the affordable housing supply programme.

This investment saw over 7,000 affordable homes delivered in Scotland, while development commenced on over 9,000 homes.

Kevin Stewart, Scotland’s housing minister, said: “Between January 2017 and September 2018, the Scottish government has invested £1.1bn in the affordable housing supply programme. 

“Over the course of this parliament, we are investing over £3bn to deliver our target of at least 50,000 affordable homes, including 35,000 homes for social rent.”

Last month, the Scottish government revealed that it was on track to meet its affordable housing target.

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