Vistry Yorkshire

Developer warns parents of construction site dangers for children off school

Vistry Yorkshire has warned parents of the dangers construction sites can pose, with children having more time on their hands over the summer months.


The developer has resumed building work as lockdown restrictions have been eased.

Construction work at its developments across the region are set to continue as normally as possible over the next few months, however, every summer the homebuilder urges parents to warn their children of the potential dangers of playing on or near building sites.

Simon Cruise, regional build director at Vistry Homes, said: "Understandably, some children are drawn to construction sites as exciting places to play, but they are not playgrounds and playing on them can have potentially serious consequences.

“Lockdown and the fact that many schools will not be fully operational until at least September presents an ideal opportunity for a timely reminder to children and parents about the dangers of construction. 

“We would appeal to parents to check that their youngsters are in a safe environment when playing.”

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