'Developers who have the backing of lenders and financial advisers have a distinct competitive advantage'

Development Finance Today will be hosting its next virtual roundtable in partnership with West One.

The interactive event, which is part of a weekly series launched this year, will be held on Tuesday, 4th May at 11am, and will be moderated by Medianett’s managing director, Caron Schreuder.

The topic is: ‘Developers, meet your match – the importance of the ideal finance team’.

West One’s head of development finance, Guy Murray, and head of sales, Michael Grant, will be joined by Elise Taylor, relationship manager at Aureum Finance; Julian King, asset finance advisor at Arc & Co; and Jason Hoad, CEO at Boutique Capital.

In addition to talking about the current funding options available in the market, including trends, provider appetites and borrower requirements, the panel will discuss the most important factors in selecting a finance team and what pitfalls developers should look to avoid.

The specialists will also examine how to proceed when things don’t go to plan, and what questions developers should ask lenders prior to committing about how they handle delays and forbearance.

Registration is open and it is free to attend for all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the session and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

The event will also be available to watch after 4th May on DFT.

“In any business, financing teams are vitally important as they help to fuel a business’s growth - and property developers are no different,” said Guy.

“Developers who have the backing of lenders and financial advisors have a distinct competitive advantage as it gives them the ability to transact on sites with confidence, speed and certainty of finance, which we think is worth talking about!”

Jason commented: “I’m looking forward to discussing all things property development with the panel.

“Funding is so important when searching for that all important financial partner. 

“There are many factors to consider in terms leverage, rate, and cash flow delivery during the [vital] construction phase of a scheme’s lifecycle.”

“With many debt providers in this space, I think it’s so important in choosing that suitable lender and having direction from a broker [which] can save you time and money in the long run.”

Elise agreed, adding that having a specialist development broker was “worth its weight in gold”.

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