DFT and Sillence Hurn to host virtual roundtable on the challenges of modular construction

Development Finance Today will be hosting its next virtual roundtable, in partnership with Sillence Hurn, on Tuesday 7th September.


The event, which is part of a weekly series launched this year, will focus on the challenges of modular construction and will be moderated by Medianett’s editor, Beth Fisher.

Sillence Hurn’s managing director, Alex Hurn, and BDM, Luke Masters, will be joined by Peter Howarth, risk manager at Mint Property Finance; David van der Lande, strategic sales director at Go Modular; and David Ayre, director at ACG Architects.

The panel will discuss the key barriers to this type of construction and how to mitigate them, how the material and skills shortages are impacting the growth of this sector, and how the design and quality control process differs on MMC projects compared to traditional builds.

The experts will also share their views on how MMC is contributing towards the drive in sustainable housing.

Registration is open and free to attend for all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the session and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

The event will also be available to watch after 7th September on DFT.

Commenting ahead of the event, Alex said: “Modular is changing the construction industry. 

“MMC are used in a vast range of construction settings, including residential buildings, student housing, hotels, and healthcare settings. 

“There are lots of fundamental advantages to modular construction, however, with the large portion of construction being undertaken off-site this creates issues as well.”

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