Swan Housing Association CEO to retire

Swan Housing Association has announced that its CEO, John Synnuck, will be retiring in March 2022, after leading the organisation for over 28 years.


John will remain in post until the end of the current financial year, with the housing association starting the recruitment process for a new CEO over the coming weeks.

“I am hugely proud of the way the entire Swan team have responded to the extraordinary situation in the last 18 months, focusing on providing services to our customers and on how we can still continue to deliver on our ambitions as an organisation,” said John.

“As I move towards my retirement, I am leaving an organisation which, through the dedication of its staff and joint working with a range of partners, is achieving regeneration at scale, pushing forward with innovative ways to increase housing delivery including modular housing, all while focusing on putting our customers first.

"When I started in this sector, the transformative potential of housing associations could not be imagined, yet today we are collaborating to build new towns, which put the community first with a renewed focus on providing brilliant homes, high quality public realm and greener communities which prioritise wellbeing and quality of life, not on just building units of housing.

"I am truly inspired by all of the stakeholders and colleagues I have worked with over the last years to deliver this level of change and I feel confident that I can hand over Swan Housing Association to the leadership of a new CEO, who will continue to deliver on the transformative work this organisation has in progress.”

This follows the appointment of Pat Billingham as chair of the board.

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