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Bruton Knowles to work with Welsh public sector on decarbonisation agenda

Experts from Bruton Knowles’ national building consultancy team have been commissioned to advise the Ystadau Cymru in its work to decarbonise the public estate.

The Welsh government’s public assets network aims to reach a target of net zero by 2030.

Chartered surveyor firm Bruton Knowles will be delivering the pilot study with a focus on the north Wales region.

The team will identify which types of public buildings can achieve quick wins in the decarbonisation of assets, as well as those which are likely to be more problematic to retrofit measures. 

Ystadau Cymru will use the study to work with public sector partners to find appropriate solutions.

“The construction ecosystem has a pivotal role to play in the quest for a more sustainable future,” said James Bailey, managing partner at Bruton Knowles (pictured above). 

“Our sector needs to enable and catalyse more environmentally conscious management of our public and privately owned assets.

“Surveyors have a unique perspective in this area — they can look across the entire lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure to determine both the practical steps and overarching goals that clients need to work towards in their green transition.

“It’s crucial that industry and policymakers come together to accelerate change by integrating a more planned, strategic approach to delivering greater economic, social, and environmental resilience.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Welsh public sector on their decarbonisation agenda as they set the pace in delivering their net zero targets.”

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