Estateguru launches new Seeds funding campaign

Estateguru has announced a new funding round on Seeds of up to €3m (£2.5m) to support its growth and expansion plans.

This is the firm’s third Seeds funding round — in June 2020, Estateguru exceeded its first target of €350,000 (£295,000) on Seedrs by 261%, followed by a second round with the funding target of €500,000 (£422,000), which was overfunded by 260% in 2021.

This follows Estateguru’s most successful annual performance to date in 2021, which saw the platform’s total amount funded for the year reach €203m (£171m), a 69% increase compared to 2020.

In addition, the firm’s revenues hit €7.1m (£5.99m) in 2021 — 58% higher than the previous year — and its assets under management amounted to €220.3m (£185.9m) as of the end of 2021.

“The third round on Seedrs shows the passion of our investors and affirms the direction of our property financing and investing platform,” said Marek Pärtel, co-founder and chairman of Estateguru.

“The funds raised during this round will be invested to support our continuing growth, especially in two of our biggest markets, Germany and the UK, as well as expand into two new markets and make significant tech investments in building a true ecosystem for the real estate financing and investments sector.

“Our business model has proven to fit into any market and works in any business environment.

“The growth we’ve witnessed during the last years has given the entire Estateguru team the ultimate drive and confidence to reach even greater heights.

“We all aim to live up to our vision of making real estate investing and financing attainable for anyone, anywhere in the world and building the best tech platform in the real estate space.”

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