Clearwell Capital

Clearwell aims to lend £100m to SME developers in the next 18 months

Clearwell Capital has revealed its plans to lend £100m to SME residential developers in the next 18 months.

This deployment of capital will help the company achieve its wider goal to grow the business by 50% year-on-year.

In the 12 months since it secured a new funding line from Fasanara Capital, Clearwell Capital has lent £15m, which helped fund the construction of £150m worth of housing across 24 projects.

In addition, the lender has grown its team to nine employees — the new members who have joined the lender’s team include Gemma Iannaccone, who was appointed as head of credit; Callum Ferguson, who joined the firm as head of business development; and Ashely Feerick, who was hired as head of loan management.

Ed Marley-Shaw, CEO at Clearwell Capital (pictured above), said: “We have a real synergy with Fasanara and are working to the same goals of growth, while remaining flexible, which is what our clients want from us. 

“This trust means we have a great deal of autonomy when it comes to decision-making on loans; if we think the deal is right and our due diligence confirms this, then this is the only approval needed.

“By not working to a rigid structure within our decision-making process, we are able to explore interesting opportunities we would not have otherwise known about, and we can work more collaboratively with our clients during the build process. 

“Creating strong partnerships with our clients is central to our strategy — we are hands-on throughout the project lifecycle, so we can keep projects on track and ensure all parties achieve their commercial ambitions. 

“It is a challenging time for residential developers that face interest rate hikes, as well as rises in construction costs, so our role is to make sure that any challenges are effectively managed so we can develop a viable project journey. 

“We want to support SME developers for the long-term, as this is our core business, and a partnership approach to make this happen is fundamental to it.”

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