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Weston Homes reveals sustainability plans across £2.13bn development portfolio

Weston Homes has unveiled how it is committing to a major sustainability drive over the next five years across its £2.13bn portfolio (DGV) of residential and mixed-use developments in London and the South East.

The volume housebuilder is rolling out eco-friendly construction and specification features over 20 active sites and over 7,500 new homes, ranging from traditional housing to large-scale urban regeneration projects.
Whether under construction or planned for the future, all developments by Weston Homes — which now has a dedicated environmental department and energy and sustainability team — will include sustainable features, including air source heat pumps and/or district network heating systems.

In addition, home appliances are being cherrypicked for their high EU energy efficiency ratings and low water usage, and all parking bays will be equipped with electric vehicle charging points.

The company will also be including PV solar panels and green or brown roofs, and eliminating natural gas as an energy source in all upcoming housing projects, as well as in many developments that are already in progress.

Weston Homes has adopted a fabric first approach that involves the clever use of building materials and construction methods for creating highly insulated floors, walls, roofs, doors and windows.

All of its properties are fitted with thermally efficient windows and patio doors, reducing heat loss and maximising natural warmth from sunlight.

Extra features include high-efficiency ventilation, low-energy lighting, and sustainable urban drainage systems, which reduce water pollution and flooding.

“There is now a strong ‘green premium’ from homebuyers, who are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and also want energy efficient homes which are designed to help minimise their fuel bills and running costs,” said Bob Weston, chairman and managing director at Weston Homes.

He added that this is why Weston Homes had pledged to mix traditional building skills with the newest technologies as part of its drive to support sustainable living.

Suzanne Aplin, group sales and marketing director at Weston Homes, commented: “Scientists have warned that we must act now to avoid huge climate change and that everyone, including governments, companies and individuals, must help in this initiative.

“This is why Weston Homes is committed to sustainability and why across the entire business we are looking at all ways that we can introduce eco-friendly features, both in the homes we are selling and how we operate as a business.”

Projects involved in the eco-rollout include the £350m Abbey Quay urban village in Barking, Aldershot’s £60m Grade II-listed Gun Hill Park, and the £0.5bn 10.4-acre Lorimer Village in Goodmayes.

Town Quay Wharf, Victoria Central, and The Laundry Works are other developments that are part of the green push.

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